Issue 2.0 - the "Big Apple" issue

With poems by Victoria Bean, Tom Chivers, Harry Man and Juliet Wilson. Also, a special apple supplement by Simon Barraclough.

 Issue 1.0 - the "Raisin d'être" issue

With poems by Julia Bird, Geraldine Clarkson, Rishi Dastidar, Andy Jones, Daniel Payne, Jacqueline Saphra, Susie Wild and Juliet Wilson (and a special reading at the launch by Victoria Bean).
Issue 0.1

Isobel Dixon "A way of slipping poetry into the bloodstream":

Simon Barraclough "That night the dishes cooked and served themselves":

Agnes Lehoczky "Look at these unusually shaped fruits I dare you to eat them":

Tim Wells "She is about to eat her first sausage":

Issue 0.x