Poetry Digest is a compact biodegradable and/or edible literary magazine of new and existing poems, edited by Chrissy Williams and Swithun Cooper.

Williams and Cooper met when they both moved to a derelict suburb of [removed for political reasons] - a small and now mostly imaginary country in Europe - where they hoped to acquire some grit and life experience by working the nightshift in a local bakery, Dough!. Due to the country’s strict employment laws, students, women and dogs were only allowed to work at night, so while the rich men slept, Williams and Cooper founded a revolutionary press, Revolutionary Press, and produced their first magazine of revolution-themed poetry, Revolution 101. However, a thriving photocopying scene had sprung from the country's musical protest movement, and Revolution 101 became the first magazine to have more copies returned to its head offices for a refund than were actually printed.

Working tirelessly to bake bread, cakes and biscuits whilst producing the second issue of Revolution 101, Revolution 202, Cooper and Williams both found themselves suffering from severe sugar addiction and, after being fired from the bakery for using its premises as Revolutionary Press HQ, severe sugar withdrawal. They cut their losses, burned all issues of Revolution 101 and Revolution 202, and relocated to the UK.

Here they have taken day jobs and, using all the bakery means at their disposal, are are forging ahead with Poetry Digest.